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Helpful right?! 
Getting over the pain of it all-if only I had known before. All I needed to do, was do something! I haven't been sad about it for a moment since forcing myself to be busy. And I always am now! It's overwhelming and bit stressful but better then sitting around missing someone. I haven't been on here in a long time, which I suppose is a good thing. 
I came here to help me get over him. 
Helpful also to have someone else's attention, but mostly I like just knowing that I'm doing well for myself. My baby room is almost complete :) So that is something fantastic to smile about. We spent the entire weekend cleaning out and repainting two rooms to make way for the baby. Her little clothes are up in the closet. We've been planning her baby shower since day one, and now it's getting closer and closer. So there is always more work to do. 
I've been talking constantly with friends, and now somewhat boyfriend, who all love my daughter almost as much as I do.

The father, sent me a text this last weekend, about picking up his things. He sent his brother over for the one little bag of paperwork that I had found for him. Still he's left all of the big things in my mom's garage, and keeps saying he will have his brother come back for them...not sure that is actually going to be happening. But it has to right?!
Then I still don't know how involved he wants to be...honestly I'm not that worried about it. I haven't talked to him since that day I said no contact...I don't even know how long that is. But I feel way better then I ever did. I think I might almost be completely over him. I figured after my next doctor visit I would try and talk to him about how involved he wants to be. That's not till the end of the month so I still have some time to think about just how involved I WANT him to be. Since it mostly depends on me right!? 

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